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| Thursday, 24 August 2017 |
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Advertising on TV, radio and newspapers is expensive and reserved for the high budget advertisers, digital advertising is the solution for all. Reaching your customers is increasingly more and more

expensive in South Africa, this is nit the end of the world for SMMEs that want to reach their target audience with a tight budget.

Bona Phandle Media offers all its advertising clients from SMMEs, corporate, public entities, government departments and municipalities affordable outdoor advertising solutions. Want to advertise on the Bona e-Café™?.

We offer our clients advertising opportunities for the sole purpose of subsidizing universal access for all our users. We are proud active agents on the #DataMustFall initiative and our strategy is based on making sure all our stakeholders are stratified, this includes our users, clients and partners. Our users connect for free 50MB Wi-Fi data on our platforms and we have a strong focus on social transformation and community development. Our advertising clients can claim to have an active role in the digital divide and social transformation of reducing the data consumption agenda.

We offer our advertising clients a myriad of advertising platforms such Café Branding which is set aside for marquee clients, we also offer Café TV advertising which is runs for 5/10 hours a day as well as Wi-Fi advertising which is viewed for a minimum of 5 seconds by every connected users of the Bona e-Café. Want to advertise on the Bona e-Café™?

Our Wi-Fi advertising ensures that our clients are able to engage with their target audience with links to their targeted website pages and social network platforms which can be measured on a campaign-to-campaign basis. Our Café TV is viewed by all users of the Bona e-Café and its offers our clients 30 seconds to reach their target audience in a highly define target market. Want to advertise on the Bona e-Café™?

Kanya Nqelenga

Chief Executive Officer - Bona Phandle Media

Website: bonamedia.co.za

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