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Bona 4 Free Software

Our patented Bona4Free software is one of South Africa’s answers to the #DataMustFall issue. Our software enables for Free ad-sponsored Wi-Fi that offers connected users to 50MB of free data on our network in return they only have to see at least 4 adverts for at least 5seconds – Great Right? Want the Bona4Free software?


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With a win-win strategy, we are able to ensure that our users receive fast W-Fi internet access for free on the other hand we promise our advertising clients access to their target market  for a nominal advertising fee.
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Data costs continue to be an issue for all cell phone users in South Africa and this problem is not going  anywhere soon, with little to no competition within the telecommunication industry our there is little to no interest by these multinationals to reduce their profit margins. We came up with a  solution that would  enable our people to connect online for free in return for viewing adverts that subsidize our data costs for offering the service for free – Bona4Fre

Bona4Free Box Design Recovered cover
Image Credit: Ludwe Mgqaliso

With our patented software, we bring users closer to their favourite social networks, webpages and email for free. We bring our advertising clients closer to their target audience and create an easy gateway to their websites and social pages for engagement with connected users. Want to advertise?

We run the Bona4Free software on our Wi-Fi hotspots across South Africa and now we are re-selling it to corporate and municipalities that offer either the customers or constituency free Wi-Fi as an add-on service to their mandate. Want the Bona4Free software? Request a Quote for Bona4Free

Kanya Nqelenga

Chief Executive Officer - Bona Phandle Media

Website: bonamedia.co.za

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